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Making quantum probability theory and multi-d universe theory work within the same space-time string was very difficult.

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This is a modern fantasy-influenced version of a Renaissance-style parade helmet…

…with a definite nod towards (or echo of, depending which came first) The Hound’s helmet from Game of Thrones.

Both have echoes of the Renaissance “Savoyard Helmet”, which usually looked like something a Cyberman would wear…

…but occasionally the Scary Skull design would appear there as well.

Fangs were not required: these guys had big wheellock guns…

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Filed under dressed to oppress oh my god Pedant Morwood is a gem among mankind Rittersport sadly I don't quite feel comfortable either calling him Pedant Morwood or saying Peter Morwood is a gem the one feels insulting the other too personal it's kind of like when professors ask you to call them by their first names do you not realize I was brought up in the South? at least let me call you Miz lol Miz Engrprof that is hilarious anyway hello friends

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Petition for there to be a word for “I’m on mobile so please forgive any typos”

Petition for that word to be Mobiletechnikrechtschreibungentschuldigung, or Mobi for short

Petition for accidental sexual innuendos to be called Mobi Dicks

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Ash (2009) - Malinda Lo


Finally getting around to ASH! I know most of you have probably read the book, but if you feel like a reread or want something to discuss, you may want to read about it here!

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The problem with reading is that we are never talking about reading to learn, we are almost always talking about reading for pleasure, while at the same time nervously worrying about and sneering about the idea that reading is a fun and pleasurable activity instead of a higher calling. We’re very neurotic about this. We aren’t talking about reading a shelf of history books or psychology manuals, we’re talking novels…but what if they’re the wrong novels? Or what if they’re the right novels, but you don’t read them in the right way? Or what if you read Dickens, but you keep wandering off to watch goofy shit on the internet (That’s me).

What winds up happening is, we worry and grumble about people not reading, then turn around and worry and grumble about the sanctity and power of reading, and the way we must approach it with reverence or it might not count or something. And essentially what this does is suck all the pleasure out of reading.

from We Love and We Hate Reading For Pleasure by Peter Damien (via bookriot)

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Filed under for me it's worrying that I will have read the Wrong Thing and people will realize I'm actually a terrible shallow person (actually I'm not certain what it is I am worried about but I am definitely worried and find it important to read the Right Thing) so while I love books and talking about books I'm very wary about talking about the books I actually like in front of new people and when I do mention them I feel a need to defend myself this goes doubly for science types it's very stupid

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I believe intelligence and depression go hand in hand. we think way too much and we see life as it really is. anyone who is able to see all this pain and wrong in the world would get depressed about it. but we also get depressed because of all the beautiful…

Might I recommend Zoschenko?

(Please don’t read Zoschenko unless you’re braced for it, the man strikes deep.)

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Hotspur wearing so much guyliner that when Kate runs out of makeup, she just uses his. 


I love how we’re making the Henry IV/Hamlet crossover a thing, omfg.

(yes but have you considered: A Bolingbroke-Claudius relationship of some sort)

Bolingbroke is like frell I frelled up man. I deposed God’s anointed king and now I’m afraid my soul is damned and I’ve been cursed with this son and you would not believe the shit he gets up to. and Claudius is like TELL ME ABOUT IT. frellin teenagers man. wanna go make out?

Claudius also deposed and murdered a king, but Hamlet Sr. wasn’t nearly as sacred as as Richard II was, so Claudius would be trying to cheer up Bolingbroke with “killing a king isn’t that bad, man” and he’d try to get Hotspur back on Bolingbroke’s side a la Laertes (oh gosh, Laertes and Hotspur would get on like a house on fire. Hotspur is all the hotblooded and headstrong that people think Laertes is, but with Laertes it’s a reaction and with Hotspur it’s a temperament, and I WANT THIS!! Also, Laertes and Mowbray. Mowbray as a father figure for Laertes, and they understand one another more than anyone would guess [I so have a type when it comes to favourite characters]) (I got carried away in those parentheses, anyway) Claudius would be trying to cheer up Bolingbroke, but he’d only end up making himself feel worse about everything, because at least Bolingbroke didn’t squick things up with an overhasty marriage. Gertrude would probably get on well with Falstaff. I don’t know why. She’d just find excuses to invite him to all the feasts because she likes what he does to the atmosphere.

Ophelia… Ophelia’s dead by this point. If Hamlet runs off to England to have adventures with Hal, then he doesn’t get dead, and so he has time to really get the guilt going about Ophelia (and Polonius), In his less teenagery moments, Hamlet and Bolingbroke could have miserable drunken guilt-parties.

Also, middle-aged Hotspur (historical) and early-thirties Hamlet (Shakespeare’s arithmetic blather) would make an interesting pair.

Filed under Shakespeare I really like the idea of Gertrude liking Falstaff or rather of her being amused by him and ready to cut him loose like Henry V (like Henry does with the other members of the gang I mean) (Falstaff is too busy being cold all the way up *obligatory eyebrows* for Henry to have to loosey noosey him)